Immaculate Deception

My book title is Immaculate Deception and will be available from Amazon this fall.
“Who will you see tonight? Mary, Mohamed or Satan? Thanks to the CIA, NSA and Israeli Mossad”
The combination of holograms and digital cloning are used to project visions of the Virgin Mary, similar to the ones at Fatima and Medjugorje. The CIA, NSA and the United Stated Air Force start to creating and projecting new illusions. Mohamed, Jesus and others who are the pillars of many beliefs. Everything is meant to alter and influence groups of people. But which or shall I say “witch”….visions are real? Religion is the ultimate weapon. It is what makes people do what they do. Consider how their faith motivates jihadist groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIS. And how perhaps it was the real reason Adolf Hitler wanted to exterminate Germany’s Jewish population. The protagonist is conflicted with his ex-wife, Lynn who is on a church mission to South America. She witnesses a vision. But Mike, her husband, works deep within the intelligence community. He knows that it was one of the many hologram tests from our government. He is sickened that Lynn can not know the devastating truth. But realizes how powerful and destructive the Air Force’s “Through The Looking Glass” project is.