About Dave

Dave Callan

Ex-Military Security Specialist who provided security for several US Presidents. Premier of China, Prime Minister Hawke of Australia, Prince Charles and Princess Diana of Wales and countless others while they visited Hawaii. Dave has traveled extensively. Lived and such places as Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia supporting Operation Southern Watch. Dave also has a pharmacy background. He is married to his beautiful wife, Lori. He likes to use his wit, humor, and sarcasm to entertain, often pushing the boundaries. Combining his deadly serious side, Dave will be releasing two books in fall of 2017.The first of to be released – Immaculate Deception.”Mixing fact and fiction Dave will reveal the most powerful weapon on earth, and who is using it this very moment. Whatever deep belief you may have, maybe the lie of lies!”


“To suppress a truth is to give it force beyond endurance.”

– Master Kan (Philip Ahn), Kung Fu TV Series.